Mixamo Animation Pack - How to change the Character?

Hello lovely fellows,

I wondered how to change the Character of the Mixamo Animation Pack.
Followed the manual step by step (which is out of date) but nothing changes the Character.
Only Vanguard appears when pressing the play button. The manual tells you to change it in the Mixamo Game Blueprint and then compile but when i do it,
the character wont change.

Thanks for helping.

Do you have the Mixamo Game Blueprint selected in the World settings as shown? If so, you should be able to choose a character from the drop-down list under Default Pawn Class. If you are Playing in Editor when you do this, you’ll have to stop and press play again as it will not switch in mid-play. Note: this sample was generated in 4.8 by adding the Mixamo pack to the Third Person Blueprint game and changing the game mode in the World Settings.

Hello Steve Hardister, thank you very much for your help.

Best Regards