Mixamo Animation Pack compatibility

I don’t know if this is the correct place to post this, but considering it is about a marketplace item, I posted it here.
Im planning to update UE4 to 4.7.1, and I noticed that Mixamo Animation Pack is not compatible for that version. Considering that Im still a student and learning, I can’t afford to spend much money on animation so was counting on this Pack to help me with animations when I managed to get something good going. So, as it says it’s compatible upto 4.5 only, does that mean that I can’t use it at all with 4.7.1, or is it a kind of ‘Use at your Own Risk’?

I want to know as well, also is it possible to use them with a tweak or something??

Add the mixamo pack to a 4.5 project, and then migrate them over to the 4.7 project when you upgrade. I don’t believe anything integral has changed, but since its a work around, your miles may vary.

Should be entirely unnecessary. I started working with this in 4.6 and the Mixamo Animation pack never had any problems and still does not have problems in 4.7 for me.

Thanks alan, how to you import them? Cause i follow the tutorials but cannot establish a mixamo character as my main one.

same question, mixamo tutorial not work for 4.7?


if you follow the tutorial, at the end simply delete the ThirdPersonCharacter in the scene, then hit play and it works…

I started using Unreal with 4.7, and do not really want to have to download an earlier version just to get Maximo unless needed. Any suggestions??? TY.

Pack Updates Coming Soon

This is Chantel from Mixamo’s Marketing team. We’ve had the free pack up on the Unreal Marketplace since July of 2014 and the UE4 team has taken care of optimizing the pack for each upgrade of the engine since them. I’ll check on an exact date of when this pack will be availalbe for 4.7 but it should be soon! Also, stay tuned for more Mixamo animation packs on the Unreal marketplace in the near future. If you have any specific requests for what kind of animations you would like us to make available, please let us know on the Mixamo Community forum for Unreal integration:

Thanks for your work, I’ll be looking forward your next uploads :smiley:

Same here.

Crack the whip, Chantel…


You tell them Chantel! Get Tyler and Jeanette working on it today! And stop working on those fancy sliders for Fuse!

Great news! Sounds awesome!


I am having some trouble when I follow this tutorial

in order to import a mixamo character as a substitute for the default character in the 3rd person example map.

Although I can replace the skeletal mesh and the animation blueprint generated class with the mixamo character’s mesh and class, the playable character moves without animations when I play. I mean that the character remains in the default T-like posture while he moves but he can rotate and also jump but without animations.

Also I noticed that when I create a new animation blueprint, the animgraph tab doesn’t appear. This happens also when I make a copy of the existing animation blueprint of the third person template character. The new animation blueprint doesn’t have an animation graph tab.

Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings again.

Is this tutorial valid with the latest version of unreal engine?[theme_id]=200088027

If so, where is the defaults tab of the animation blueprint of the default blue 3rd person character. When I press the class defaults button in that blueprint I dont get the “animation blueprint generated class” menu. Is this menu the same with the class option in the class settings tab?

Thanks in advance.

bump, anyone?

Hi Chantel, when the update arrives it would be amazing if the models and animations use the Unreal Engine rig, thanks!

so we still cant use mixamo free pack with 4.7 ?