Mixamo Animation Pack and 4.5?

Is the Mixamo Animation Pack not available for 4.5 yet? I do not get any drop-down options to add it to 4.5, only 4.4 and earlier.


4.5 is still a preview release so i wouldnt expect 4.5 versions of projects yet. But those characters and BP’s should still work in the preview. Create a blank project with 4.4 > ad Mixamo characters to that project > open that project with 4.5 preview.

That worked fine, thanks.

Those of you who might run into an issue; you’ll need to create a 4.4 project like Jacky suggested and import all your add-on files from the Vault. Then close that project and launch 4.5 Preview. From there you’ll be able to open your 4.4 project and convert it. There isn’t a drop-down on the yellow button to open your 4.4 project from your Library.