Mixamo animation import

How do you configure mixamo animations in unreal.

But when I download an animation from the mixamo site using the option “no skin” because I just want the animation, then import it into ue4 using “import all” and setting the skeleton to the character in this case “liam”, I get a mangled mess!

I’ve been able to download animations from mixamo in the past, set the relevant skeleton to the character on import into ue and it worked fine, this was after complaints started surfacing regarding skeleton issues with importing these characters.

Guys how can i fix this, its driving me mad!

ok… mate… i hope if this works for you…
i use 3dxchange from reallusion for the animations.works…
its works.very well.
i use iclone 7 also to.make.more.elaborius animations and.after import to.ue4 … you have.the choice.to import go ue4 via 3dxchange