Mixamo and MetaHuman?

I wonder if it’s possible to use MetaHuman models with Mixamo animations. I have examined a sample MetaHuman character (I don’t have access to MetaHuman itself yet) and I can only see .ma file that represents the mesh.

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Have you checked out the documentation on retargeting different animations onto a MetaHuman?


Oh, I have missed that! I’m going to read it, thank you.

I’m having problem with

At the bottom of the Retarget Manager panel, click Modify Pose and use the assignment box to select RetargetPoseMedAvgMale_PoseAsset.

part. I don’t have a “RetargetPoseMedAvgMale_PoseAsset” pose. I’m sure that I imported my MetaHuman character and Epic’s animation pack.

I am able to play an animation on the MHC model, choosing a different pose, but his wrists are broken.

Edit: It seems like the files mentioned in the tutorial come only with the sample MHCs, rather than the MHCs we created.

I just checked, and that doc is specific to the MetaHuman Sample I’m afraid - that’s my mistake, sorry. There will be a new doc soon that covers MH assets generated from the tool.


Thanks Dig. Would love to see the updated retargeting process. For now I’m using the original BP from the sample project and then retargeting back to the MHC skeleton. I assume either we can target directly now, or there will be new retarget pose assets released. Please let us know. Here is what I’m dong now (1:08:25) and it’s kind of clunky! MetaHuman Creator full tutorial | Setup early access, create a char, export & target to 3rd person. - YouTube

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Is there a planned ETA for this? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello everyone,

I just downloaded and created the MetaHumanSample project, but there’s no RetargetPoseMedAvgMale_PoseAsset, where is it?

Hi @Cybrosys

The RetargetPoseMedAvgMale_PoseAsset should be in the following folder.

There should be 4 files in that folder, two pose assets and corresponding animation sequences.

Keep in mind this is ONLY in the actual sample project and not in the “Metahumans” folder after importing a metahuman.

Screenshot 2021-06-10 071013

Yes, I just downloaded that project and I only have 2 files in the Mocap folder:


If you have the files would it be possible for you to share them?

Ahh, UE5… I am using 4.26.2 … I think I had a similar issue with UE5 and the SampleMetaHumans too but have up with UE5 for now (awesome but too many “gotchas” at the moment)

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If you create the same metahumans sample project in 4.26.2 you will have the files in all their glory LOL

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Ah, I will try and create the project under 4.26.2 and hopefully I will have access to all of the assets :slight_smile:

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I found an easier way of using Mixamo and MetaHumans, that saves having to try and fix offsets with the joints.
1- Export the Meta Human Rig as an FBX
2- remove the extra joints (so it looks more like the mixamo skeleton)
3- Import that skeleton to Mixamo and it will auto rig it. (this step gives animations and skelton that match closer to the original Meta Human, so less mucking around with retargeting offsets)
4- Export Animations from Mixamo
5- Bring into Unreal
6- Retarget as normal (making sure bones are in the right order etc)

As an added step I also used the Live capture with Iphone for the face.

You can see the result here

hope this helps.

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works great man! thanks for that

This video will give you the easiest way

I’m getting broken hands with this