Mixamo 3ds Max Auto Biped Script

Hey everyone!

I’m new in the forums, but been using UE4 for a while already. I’m currently working on a character, which I have been trying to rig for the past months, it is my first character ever. So I tried Mixamo last week. Sadly, I discovered Mixamo a bit too late, when it is being taken down. And now I need the scripts of Auto Biped of Mixamo, and I can’t download them because the web is down, and so far I’ve not been able to find them anywhere.

Does anybody have them?

Sorry if this post breaks any rules here.

I uploaded the script BUT the 3ds max scripting may not work anymore for the new auto-rigging from the Fuse website. That’s probably why they didn’t put it on Fuse site. But I uploaded the script here so you can try it.

Keep in mind the script wasn’t perfect even a few months ago when it was still on the mixamo site. Even then it didn’t always work the first attempt or would have errors.

Also for any moderators reading, this script was created by people outside of mixamo. "The Autobiped script was created by Ofer Zelichover and Dan Babcock and it is freely released to Mixamo customers." As it’s stated right in the script itself.

Oh damn, thank you so much, man! I’m going to try it right now. Thanks a lot! I’ve searched everywhere and didn’t find it.

Amazing works perfect with 2017 anyways want to ask how to add root bone ?

@**Gallonmate **
Just logged my account in and say Thank you good bro! Adobe Fuse cutted all scripts, good scripts, that was too bad.:slight_smile:

Thank you man!!!

Hi, I’m trying to use this script in 3dsmax 2010, I have a 3d model and when I run this script I have this message: “Couldn’t find any character in scene”.
Am I missing something?

Do you have Mixamo 3ds Max Auto-CAT Script


Hi Darko
Link doesn’t work anymore…can you send me a new link please? It would be awesome :slight_smile:
Thank you

Hey, Im looking for it as well. Have you had any luck finding it?