Mix upper body and lower body animation in montage or composite?

I want to create an animation using the upperbody from one anim and the lower body of another. I know how to do this in a blueprint, but I want to just have it in a montage or a composite, so I can use it in a blendspace.

Thanks for help!

Yes! Exactly

AFAIK Blending animation per bone is only possible in the Animation Blueprint. What you whant is a new animation asset that comes from two original animation assets right?

I know that, but I want it in a blendspace, thats why I don’t see how the things in the animationblueprint are helping me with that.

Hello DavidM. If you have two animations are you want to use one only for lower body and another for upper half you can use a layered blend. Here is a great video on how to do that starting around 4:00 he shows you how to use a layered blend per bone. I recommend watching the whole series because he goes through montage setup and things like that but you should be able to get the gist of it here.

Hope that helps.

Well first do you have the blendspace? Either way you will use use the blendspace in the animgraph in the animbp. In the event graph youll get the variables that will drive your blendspace. I’m sorry I’m not gutting your question–are you trying to create a blendspace of the layred blend per bone?

I am using the blendspace in the animgraph, yes. But in the blendspace in the first place I can only import animations or montages. Right?