Mix "Masked Material" and "Translucent Material"

I have a question.
If I can make a material that mix “Masked” and “Translucent”?
For example:
If the Alpha is higher than “Opacity Mask Clip Value” then the part of the material is “Masked”, So that the deepth or Light will be much better. Otherwise is “Translucent” ,so the edge of Material will be more soft.
For example:


The more useful place is: Hair can use it to provide soft edges. It may look better.

And, I know it may can’t be done with Material Editor. But what about HLSL? Or edit .usf directly?

Split mesh into two sections with different materials, or use only translucent.

Both solutions are not good.
The split mesh is hard to create. and it’s opacity cannot be changed at runtime.
The Translucent Material have many problems, such as Depth error, and sometimes the Translucent Material which totally Opacity can still be seen through, These are why I want to mix them up.

The answer to the question is No

This request must can be done. because my friend has done it in unity. Can UE4 edit shader directly?

You can use If node to replicate mask mode behaviour:

Basically the MaskMode sets opacity to 0 or 1 if value is greater or lower than the material’s OpacityMaskClip attribute.

I just needed this same result and realized this could be done.

This is sort of possible with the Oculus custom branch. It’s not dithered, so you don’t see dots and has proper sorting. But it doesn’t have smooth transition, have only a couple phases of translucency.