Mistype in source"OpenGLCommands.cpp"

“OpenGLCommands.cpp” 4.11 preview7

2793  // @anonymous_user_5851a212 Workaround for radr://15076670 "Incorrect gl_VertexID in GLSL for glDrawElementsInstanced without vertex streams on Nvidia”

Mistype in last word Nvidia” 
Not Nvidia” . Nvidia" is true. Last type is ".
It becomes the build error for this on VS2013 and VS2015.(JPN)

Hey pafupafu-

I believe you’re saying that the (") after Nvidia is causing build failures for you, is that correct? Can you post the build errors you’re getting? Is this when attempting to build the engine from source code or are you attempting to build a project? Can you provide any additional information about the error you’re getting?

Yes, (”) is 2-byte character. (") is 1-byte character.

I’ve error when i build the engine.not a project.
I remember that probably it was “error c2065”.
I renewed it and build, it was already resolved.
This problem has already existed from 4.11previw1.

I think that this problem happened only on japaneseVS2013 or 2015 environment.

Error 15 error C2065: ‘bAttributeLessDraw’ : undeclared identifier F:\UnrealEngine-4.11.0-preview-7\Engine\Source\Runtime\OpenGLDrv\Private\OpenGLCommands.cpp 2794 1 UE4

Error 16 error C1020: unexpected #endif F:\UnrealEngine-4.11.0-preview-7\Engine\Source\Runtime\OpenGLDrv\Private\OpenGLCommands.cpp 2800 1 UE4

I tried to switch my computers local and language to Japanese and was able to build 4.11 Preview 8 without issue. Can you let me know if you run into the same problems building this preview version? I did notice that the line in the error message (2794) is a Mac related pre-compile instruction. Are you by chance using a Mac?

Just to check, since the character you mentioned is inside of a comment, are you able to remove it and compile the engine?

I can’t build the engine 4.11 preview8.

I’ve error.

replace (”) to ("),and rebuild it.Building succeeded.

I’m using windows10(VS2013 JPN).I have not a Mac.

Hey pafupafu-

Since you are using windows and the part of the code that is giving you errors is specifically related to Mac, you should be able to comment out lines 2794 to 2801. This will prevent this code from being at compile. Be aware that if you want or need to build for Mac in the future (to use a Mac to work on your project) you will need to uncomment this section of code and rebuild.