Mistake in Marketplace Trello?


I have seen that the Realistic Rocks Vol.1 has been “Promoted to Marketplace” but unlike any other Item in that Trello categorie it is actually not in the Marketplace.
Either it has been promoted to quickly, or it should be on there but has been forgotten?


I believe it means they are confirmed to be coming to Marketplace, but just not released yet. Personally I’m waiting for the Star FX Pack, which is also in that category.

The Star FX Pack is in the categorie “In Marketplace Queue” but not in “Promoted to Marketplace”. And everything else in “Promoted to Marketplace” is already on the marketplace except Realistic Rocks Vol.1.

I think i remember seeing Realistic Rocks Vol.1 in Marketplace before 1.9 update. Not sure though…

Bumping for info

Bumping for Info

I remember seeing this in the “Coming Soon” section at the bottom of Marketplace (on the launcher), but was not in the following release.

Most likely some issue came up at the last minute before release and they haven’t moved it out of that queue, which makes sense if it had to be delayed for a short time, so it could be released soon (there is a new content release either today or early tomorrow).

EDIT: Actually check the marketplace, it is there now! So it is was this weeks release :slight_smile:

Hi there, thanks for expressing the interest in that asset pack. I’m very happy to inform you that Realistic Rocks Vol. 1 has just been published on Marketplace today. Sorry it took so long. You can find the pack in the Weapons and Props section.

Ah very cool, was really worried that they forgot about it :smiley:

Awesome! Bought it, looks really nice :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’m always there on the support email if you need any help or adjustments.