Misspelled Email

I misspelled my e-mail while registering for my unreal engine account - and I can’t log in using the misspelled e-mail - is there a way to my e-mail changed for my registered account?

Hi Eccentric_Coyote,

Please contact our accounts team at so they can get you taken care of. Once you have your original email address fixed, please let me know so we can de-activate this second account (We will wait until your first account is fixed).

They were able to correct my email and I was able to log back in - there’s no need to deactivate this account, it’s the same one I just never logged out - but I can do that and re-log in any time.

thanks for the help, it was much appreciated.

Oh ok, so this is the account for the email, I thought you made a separate account. Glad they were able to fix your email!