Mission scripting?

Hey guys,
I have very basic question about mission scripting, or however it is called to generate a mission that you have to do, to reach the next level or next mission.
What i would like to know is the procedure how a game starts, for example you click play, the game starts with a intro, than you wake up and the game begins and you have to do this and that to come forward in your game.
Is there any sample content avaiable ? especially by doing this in blueprints ?

With “intro” you mean a movie or a tutorial level? -> movie: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/MediaFramework/index.html
The thing with the progress in your game depends on what exactly the player has to do.
e.g he has to find 5 keys before he can open a door and get to the next stage -> you just create a key actor bp - in your gamemode you add a “KeyAmount” Int variable - in your key bp you add a collision box and a on overlap event which will cast to the gamemode + which will increase the “KeyAmount” by one - now in your door bp you add an event and a branch node which will be connected with a equal int node + an action that opens the door -> now when the player has picked up all keys, he will be abel to go through the doors :slight_smile:

I’m talking about a simple game start, you click the play button :slight_smile: a short clip or animated scene starts and than for example you character wakes up and you have control over him…
Simple mission scripting is not the problem, like find a key… I’m talking more about you have to do like 4 to 5 things, like move something, than find something, call someone and than the game goes on…

  1. create a menu ->
  2. add a cutscene right at the beginning of your game -> event begin play + (so you just have to animate what you want in your level + matinee)
  3. after the cutscene you have control over your character

The other thing nearly works the same as above -> just use variables + branch nodes to check if the player has done what he has to do. When you give me a concrete example I can go a little bit into depth :slight_smile:

Pefect thanks!

Right now i have no concrete example but something like i wrote above would be a good start…
For example… When character X finds key A, puzzle B is avaiable, after puzle B is done “or another object is found” puzle C starts… After Character X has read “node A” puzle D starts and so on…

Yep, that works the same as my example above -> just a combination between variables, branch nodes and open level/matinee/destroy events :slight_smile: