Mission Control UE5

Hi all, we’re starting a project offshoot from a training simulation called XOSS (XR Operations Support System) developed with the NASA’s Advanced Operations Concept Lab. The project is a multiplayer XR simulation game that focuses exploring the Moon and Mars and is built using Unreal Engine 5. In the game, you run your own space agency and deploy missions to digital twins of the Moon, Mars, and beyond with your crew of fellow astronauts. As you explore, you can upgrade your habitats, spacesuits, and astronaut’s equipment with real concepts proposed by space organizations and NASA.

We’re in the early stages of development in the project but want to invite those interested to join along in the journey with us and hear your thoughts! To kick things off we started a Discord server you can join to keep up to date with the latest and provide feedback during development.

Discord: Discord

XOSS_V5_final-high (2)

you can also check our website at: www.buendea.com


Sounds wicked!

What level of complexity / fidelity / realism are you striving for? Will you be sticking to the tech that exists or is considered for development or are we talking about outpacing our wildest imagination?

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Thank you!

We’ll be aiming with the highest regard for scientific accuracy, meaning tech that is already under development. Also using NASA technological readiness levels (TRL) of proposed concepts as a guide to how ready some of the technologies are for spaceflight. But if there’s something that’s compelling we’ll make a call on how feasible and include it and label it as such. we dont want to limit the imagination of some ideas which can then become real concepts.

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We’ll be aiming with the highest regard for scientific accuracy

I see! Looking forward to finding out whether gamification (however little there is planned atm) can actually bring on solutions, ideas and quirks no one considered before. Once you deploy mechanisms to a million users, they will surely find a way to abuse it in all ways imaginable! Hopefully.

Because that’s the plan, right? Bring on the exciting, cold, hard science to the masses? At least judging by the headers on the website. The educational potential seems great!

Collaboration with NASA Advanced Operations Concept Lab to develop the XR Operations Support System (XOSS) , a real-time simulation for astronaut training. The project supports NASA’s CHAPEA and a 1-year simulation at NASA Johnson Space Center where astronauts conduct mission scenarios as they would on the Moon and Mars.

I gotta admit, this must be one of the most exciting programs I’ve come across in years…

Good luck!


Greetings @julianque; as a space enthusiast of sorts myself, I think a realistic XR space simulation game that centers around exploring the Moon and Mars is a splendid idea! It’s even better that it’s going to be a multiplayer game! Have you and your team thought of a name for this creation, or is the proper name “Mission Control”?

I’m excited to see how this creation evolves, and thank you for sharing your progress here on the Unreal Engine Forums! :grin:

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Thanks @Zezkaii! It’s a working title while we think of something better. we may keep it if it grows on us?

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The pleasure is all mine; for what it’s worth, I think “Mission Control” is an excellent name for your game!

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