Missing world outliner

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I’m learning UE5 and doing some youtube tutorials. In one tutorial they are using the 3rd person template and the author is replacing the character using Auto possess player. Everything that I search says that it’s in the World Outliner. My project doesn’t have a World Outliner. It has just Outliner. If I click the PlayerStart character, I don’t see the Auto Possess Player option.

Any help is appreciated.

That is the world outliner.

Auto posses is on the player object

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I don’t see it though. If I search poss nothing shows up.
Even if I click my BP_Helicopter object, I don’t see Auto possess

It’s not on the player start, it’s on the player. You can only do it if you have placed a copy of the player in the level, otherwise, the player is spawned at the player start.

That’s another thing I don’t understand. In most tutorials you see the the person character, but when I load the default third person character game it shows PlayerStart and if you hit the play button then the character appears.

I can see Auto Possess if I drag the BP_ThirdPersonCharacter, but then it creates another character. I want to auto possess the default character that it puts on the screen when you use the template.

Thanks for helping. I kind of get it now. It just threw me off a bit because they don’t show the character for PlayerStart

The player start doesn’t really do anything.

It’s all to do with the game mode, which is in your world settings. IT says what pawn to spawn by default, and then naturally, you get to possess it.

If you don’t want that behavior for some reason, just set the player character to nothing in the game mode override


and you get put something in the world.

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