Missing Water in the content

I bought the “Medieval Docks” content from the marketplace, for my undergrad project. I opened the demo scene that came with it, but the water seems to be missing completely. Is the data corrupt or is it a bug with UE4 or something?

P.S. I am using Unreal Engine 4.10.2. I am new to game development, so if I have missed something obvious, please forgive me.

There’s a chance that they could have been using one of Unreal’s water presets which you may not have installed yet.

You can get them for free by going to the Unreal launcher > Learn > Scroll down and select ‘Water Planes’ then add it to the current project you are working in. I hope that fixes it for you

Hmm, doesn’t seem to work mate…either something is wrong with the content, or it does not work with UE 4.10.2.