"Missing UE4 Binary" while packaging in 4.11

Since we switched to 4.11, our project shows the hideous “Missing UE4 Binary” error while trying to package. By building in “Development” configuration in VS we can avoid this problem, however it is not ideal.

Has anyone any idea on why 4.11 would trigger this error to happen upon packaging?


  • DISABLE all unused plugins, especially experimental ones (80% of the time this is it)
  • right click content in content explorer and fix redirectors

If that doesn’t work, move on to the following:

  • delete most of /saved/, except config, screenshots and save game
  • delete /intermediate/, /build/, /binaries/
  • restart project
  • often Packaging has to be done before Cook
  • old problem: avoid “_” in Blueprint names, Folders and Levels!

Hope this helps, let us know if it did it and what it was :slight_smile:

Also this one

I had to Package before Cooking. Thanks.

crazy isn’t it :slight_smile: