Missing translated texts in the game build

I am at the end of a three year project and I am experiencing a worrying problem.

I have fully translated the texts of my game from English to Italian with the localization dashboard, manually entering each translation from the side text strings. I did the Build of the game and once started I found some texts translated correctly, while others remained in English. I checked the Dashboard but the missing sentences are all correctly translated into Italian.

Can you tell me a solution to this problem? We are talking about 22,000 total words of text. I hope someone can help me.

I experienced a similar issue, and in my case it turned out that sometimes Text IDs (or KEYS, as they are called in text details and in the localization dashboard) of the original text get changed, but the translated text IDs remain the same as they were once you translated the text.

Example: you have some text in English. Its Key is ‘Key A’. You enter the Italian translation and it gets bound to ‘Key A’. Then you see that there’s a typo in the English text, and you correct it. Now that you’ve changed the English text, its Key changes to ‘Key B’. You update the data in the localization dashboard, and now you have your new English text under ‘Key B’, but your translated Italian text is still bound to ‘Key A’, and the system can’t find the corresponding translation for the ‘Key B’ text.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any solution other than manually checking and correcting text Keys.

Thank you for the answer, I believe that this is actually the problem.

Do you think this could be a viable solution? (See attached image)

I did a quick check of the IDs of an English sentence and its translation, and they match, there is no different ID. In this case, is your speech always valid or am I faced with something different in your opinion?

I don’t know then, sorry. In my game I ended up creating my own localization system that drew texts from external sources.