Missing ToolchainVersion.txt Linux, Ubuntu 19.04

I lost a lot of hours trying to figure out what is that “ToolchainVersion.txt” file and where must be located.
For the people in the same situation as mine, if you receive the next error under Linux:

The solution is just create that file under the path “Engine/Extras/ThirdPartyNotUE/SDKs/HostLinux/Linux_x64/v15_clang-8.0.1-centos7”
And with the content as the name of the directory (that is the version of toolchain that it is related to): v15_clang-8.0.1-centos7

**So, the complete path to the file is: **
and the file must contain:


A command line to create that file automatically (copy and paste in the root directory of UnrealEngine source code):

echo "v15_clang-8.0.1-centos7" > Engine/Extras/ThirdPartyNotUE/SDKs/HostLinux/Linux_x64/v15_clang-8.0.1-centos7/ToolchainVersion.txt

So… Why no one talks about it in the documentation neither internet neither the forums at all? Is it some top secret thing? LOL

I hope I have been helpful to someone. Have a nice day.

That is really helpful was stuck for 2 hours for this. And also for

ERROR: Unhandled exception: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005)

I think no one really compile on linux. Windows noobs, download installer.

Did you do that? :

$ git clone

$ cd UnrealEngine

$ ./

$ ./ 

this should set all stuff up for you. then do a make UE4Editor

Thank you!!!