Missing textures

I had to make a folder to move some meshes to my map mod as i’m using assets I guess you normally can’t use. before copying the meshes over they would not even show when I cooked the map…

now they show but they show like this



also I made caves…but you can see the entrance hole from the other side of the map…SURELY there is a blocking volume box we can use to make that stop?

For the same reason you have to pull over the meshes you will have to pull over the materials and textures the materials use . Not all assets in the dev kit are in the actual game files so they can’t be referenced, you are seeing the default when no material is found.

Hey now
yeah…this is what I was afraid of…its like when we are making a normal game (non mod) and the textures were not packed…**** **** ****
I was hoping they were in a file that was just being uploaded.

ok…sigh…now I have to retrace everything I did and find their textures and materials.

awesome, this should take a few hours

I guess this would also explain why some assets are still missing
ok this is a bigger issue…the materials AND textures are also in the mod map folder as you can see in this screenshot. but the texture and material still isn’t showing up


Make sure that the parent of that texture is also in your mod folder, otherwise itl be clueless as to where to get its properties from

Did you re-path them so they are aimed at your folder rather than the old folders?

I started doing that…
Roadwhyrm is there an automated way or something to do this? or does it have to be manual?

I also believe that the editor isn’t cooking some sublevels. there are things that are "shared "resources that are not showing up on some parts of the island and yet ARE showing up on others…and the only thing that makes them different is the sublevel they are on

This is the error I am getting when cooking…funny thing is, the Static Mesh, Texture and Materials are all in the folders its saying it can’t find them in.



all this started when I copied over folders into my map folder because I was using some assets (ruins, big crystal) that are not in the game apparently.

now assets are missing in the stand alone game on steam but in the editor and in preview they are all there…I am very confused.

managed to get some of the assets back, some are still missing and some now are blocked out / checker board texture until you get right up on them and then they pop in

speaking of pop in…is there a way to control it? some big rocks that are on the Far Sublevels…pop up right in front of me sometimes…and my skybridge…forget it…maybe its cause the bridge is MASSIVE …i dunno.

did you increase their LOD?