Missing starting node in construction script?

Trying to add some nodes to the construction script of my pawn, but it doesn’t have a single node, mainly missing the purple node with the starter exec pin I need. I restarted UE a few times and it didn’t change anything. Is this normal, and if so what can I do to get that node back?

Are you definitely in the construction script?

Have you tried zooming all the way out?

I’m zoomed all the way and there’s nothing. Besides, doesn’t the blueprint editor focus on existing nodes when opened?

it should unless moved.

Compile, Save and restart the editor.

I agree with this. It must’ve been moved.

Did that and still not there. I’ll try migrating the asset to another project and if it still happens I could maybe send it, it’s 90% the template anyway and not under NDA

Well it’s not there in the other project either

try open the construction script then press ctrl+a (select all) then home key (zoom to selection)