Missing Sprites

Hey all, sorry if this was answered, just getting into UE4 and googling answers, but got stuck so decided to come here. To start, I’m making a book for a friend with his art and just setting some story as a “on touch” text show/hide on screen. Have made everything on windows and tested on Redmi Xiaomi Note 7 and some a few other android devices and everythings working fine. All of it is made in blueprints, “begin play” spawns an actor that has a paper sprite component and on tap or swipe, a new actor spawns with new paper sprite components and first one gets destroyed, simple. Swipe, tap, double tap, all of the “trigger boxes” etc. Pushed it to bitbucket, got a mac, cloned repo, started the UE4 editor, all sprites and functionality is there. I try to test it on iPhone X aaaand the sprites are gone. I see the background, i can even see the text widgets but no sprites. Tried to make a completely new project on mac with the same textures converted to sprites and none of it shows when i launch on phone. Any ideas? iPhone has 13.3 os

Nevermind me, maybe to learn how to read docs and not just skip through it :stuck_out_tongue:

in case there are more ppl like me:

Cheers anywho :slight_smile: :slight_smile: