missing source code of libs used in WebRTCProxy ???

i have been trying to make make pixel streaming to work over internet. specially aws server.
it turns out that WebRTCProxy server was loosing the connection with client.
to figure out the reason i was trying to debug “WebRTCProxy_x64_Development.exe”

but the issue is happinning insde “webrtc.lib” and the source coce for this lib is not prresent in latest release of 4.21.0-release

Can epìc kindly include the souce code of that lib and also 3 other lib that has been used to develop WebRTCProxy ?

full list:


btw, i made it work over net now.
but still i am intereted on those ource code

How did you get the connection working using EC2? I’ve got it all working locally on my G3 EC2 instance, and can access the served html page from my local client, but I get a failure when it tries to connect to the RTC proxy server and it just sits at the “Connecting to server, please wait” page. Is there a separate setup for the TURN or STUN server besides running the appropriate batch files?

i used aws. and the turn server given by epic. and it worked out of the box for aws