Missing some Data Assets in package

Hi, I hope you’re doing well !

For short, I’ve Data Assets which I use in my game scene (ex: DA_Upgrades I put in the upgrade list of a BP_Machine in my Map). Some of these Data Assets just disappear or loose their path when I package the project. I work in a full blueprint project.

The strange thing is that if I set the starting Map as the one which holds my Data Assets everything is fine. But if I do otherwise (like starting from a menu), they aren’t there.

I have tried everything like Full Rebuild, changing build configuration, adding the data assets directory to the “Additional Asset Directory to Cook” but no results.

After crying a lot, I chose to update my project to 4.26 to see if it was a version-related bug. It did work but just for some time. The problem came back to haunt me.

I am not alone, there are similar issues in the Unreal Slacker’s packaging channel, 1 similar topic in the website and a ticket

If someone has some clue of what’s going on, I would give him a virtual hug.

I’m not sure why this ticket was marked as fixed, I’m having the same issue and its a nightmare.

Have the same issue dingding.