Missing ShooterWeapon blueprint from 4.3

Long story short:

Im trying to make a shooter in 4.3, however when i tried to look for blueprints for ShooterWeapon (or similars), that are present in the shooter example (in 4.2) i cant find them, did i miss something, am i supposed to import them?, the class is just not there to be made, nor its parents (i know its supposed to inherrit from actor , didnt found it there)

Is it my mistake or is an actual missing part from 4.3?

PD: Can’t open the shooter example with 4.3 (it said i should install windows SDK 8.1 to recompile, never happened before, if i dont do that i crashes inmediately).

ok not to sure what your doing here.
are you using the “shooter game demo” or the fps template

if your using the shooter game demo then install UE 4.3 then goto the market place and dowmload the shooter game demo 4.3 (make sure you have the 4.3 selected as engine/build in the launcher) once you have it dl’d the in the launcher goto “vault” you’ll see the demo then go on the button and create project, this will then create a project for you based on the shooter game