Missing Save Game after Packaging

i made my first project and now it’s ready to get shipped. When I am packaging my project, everything is fine and it’s packaged perfectly.
Sadly, my savesystem / savegames where not packaged. And when I am running the packaged game, no save new savegame is created and saved. In the engine and standalone everything works perfectly.
Maybe, somebody can help me :slight_smile:

You know the save game location is different in a packaged build? ( It’s in the user profile: C:\Users<Username>\AppData\Local<Gamename>\Saved

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Yes. I found out about it. The save files are in the folder, but it’s not getting loaded. So I am not sure if I am doing something wrong…

But even if it would work, how would I ship the save games to others?

If you put the game on Steam ( for example ), this is managed automatically for you.

Or do you mean, how to give a save game to mates?

I like to give the game to some friends. So that they can test it out. (I need some reviews for the game because of my bachelor degree ^^')

So you want to give them some sort of pre configured save game?

Yes. There is one example level, which should be shipped. Same goes for the main menu save.
It wouldn’t bother me that much, if those two wouldn’t be there.
But if you’re starting the game nothing is really saved (at least not the main menu) - for example the language is set back to default. The levels are getting saved (as i noticed), but the main menu is reseted (when you are leaving the level and when you closing the game).

Hmm. One thing you could do is make another type of save game where these defaults are set.

When they start to run the game, you make a new save game of this type and read the defaults from it.

I can try doing this.
Altough I think it’s already done? I mean, I am working with blueprints. So the save game get’s created when there isn’t already one and otherwise it’s getting loaded from the slot.

I just don’t understand why it’s working in the editor and not in the final product.

Ah, this might be a bug then. I think I’ve seen this doing the rounds…

Still, thank you for your help and time!
I think I found a solution and it’s working now :slight_smile:

What did you do?

For everybody who is stumbeling across this post and maybe having the same problem as me.

The only thing I did was adding a delay before the main menu was loaded. Sometimes the solution can be very easy.

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