Missing Samples from a plugin

I’m quite new to developing stuff with the UE and know a bit about some advanced stuff but also missing knowledge about some of the basics, so please forgive me if this is a beginners question. (planning to do a basic training in the coming months to fill the gaps.

I’m working on a research project where i need to add spatial data from our GIS System into the UE and later adding sensory data and stuff to this data. I’m using ETL tooling FME Workbench from Safe Software and an UE Plugin named ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine.

My question is about the last one:

I’m replicating all the steps in a tutorial for displaying the globe using blueprints and missing some vital information on how to proceed in the next step:


To configure the camera in the Details panel and use it in the GIS scene that i have configurated with Blueprints, i need to add the “ArcGIS Sample Pawn” into the level. The sample pawn that comes with ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine should be located in the following folder according to the text:

ArcGISMapsSDK C++ Classes\ArcGISSamples\Public

But i do not have any folder named like this in my downloaded zip file (see attached screenshot) or in the content library (other screenshot).


Is this a extra file i need to download somewhere or do i have to add these type of things into the content browser first? (I tried the Add/Import button).

The plugin is freely available, to get data over the air you need a API key)

Some info:
Unreal Engine 4.27.0
ESRI Plugin 0.3.0
Windows 10 21H2

Update: I just found these in the plugin folder and i think i need to add these to the content browser:

Because the example in the tutorial looks like this:

Any idea if these could be the same files and how to add these to the content browser?

Sorry for the double post, this forum wont allow me to add both pics in the same post.

Found the problem. Apparently there is an option to show the plugin assets in the content browser and this is not turned on automatic or get a notification when new assets are available.