Missing Required Tools

Building UnrealEngine-4.22 Setting up Unreal Engine 4 project files…
EMSDK enviroment variable is set to point to E:/PATH_DIR/emsdk-64bit-installed but needed tools were not found:
EMSCRIPTEN_ROOT: E:\PATH_DIR\emsdk-64bit-installed\emscripten\1.37.22, exists: True
LLVM_ROOT: E:/PATH_DIR/emsdk-64bit-installed\Win64\clang\e1.38.20_64bit, exists: False
NODE_JS: E:/PATH_DIR/emsdk-64bit-installed\Win64
ode.exe,exists: False
PYTHON: E:/PATH_DIR/emsdk-64bit-installed\Win64\python\\python.exe, exists: False
*** NODE_JS NOT FOUND: E:/PATH_DIR/emsdk-64bit-installed\Win64
*** LLVMROOT directory NOT FOUND: E:/PATH_DIR/emsdk-64bit-installed\Win64\clang\e1.38.20_64bit
*** PYTHON NOT FOUND: E:/PATH_DIR/emsdk-64bit-installed\Win64\python\\python.exe

The problem is, emscripten’s repository does not contain the versions here.
The latest pre-compiled sdk is 1.37. The latest source is 2.0.

My question is, would later versions of these tools work with 4.22?

Unfortunately I can’t use a higher version of UE4, since my graphics card can’t handle it.
The only other option is to try an earlier version of UE4, like 4.21, or 4.21. Would those work with my current environment?

I’m sorry. I just found the sdk version in an old list, using ‘emsdk list --old’.