Missing required components for Lumin game creation? (Magic Leap)

(Magic Leap SDK 0.16 - Binary Build)

When trying to package my Lumin project for deployment on Magic Leap, I’m getting an error message saying I’m missing required components.

Thing is, I’ve followed the Lumin Quickstart - Lumin SDK installed, pointed to SDK path in project settings, edited environment variables, etc.

I can successfully preview within the editor onto the Magic Leap device, it just won’t let me package.

Any help would be appreciated.


Any help?

Did you ever get any help on this? I’m having the same issue.

Hey, yes. The UE4 version must be 4.21.1, while the Lumin SDK must be 0.16

This doc seems to be outdated: Magic Leap Development | Unreal Engine Documentation

Here’s an updated one: MagicLeap Development Doc Addition (UE4 4.21.1) - Google Docs