Missing redwood stream landscape layer?

Hello everybody. I’m just getting acquainted with the dev kit and I ran into my first issue. I was setting all the landscape layers for my terrain. All of the different layers had assets in the drop-down list except for the redwood stream.


Is there supposed to be something there or is it always just set to none? Sorry if this is a really dumb simple problem. I’m still very unfamiliar with UE4. I don’t know what other info I can provide but if there’s anything let me know.

yes sometimes that happens, also with rocks/watermesh what u can try is file->open level and open the Islandmap let it load entirely after that open ur own lvl and it should be there

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give that a try next time I install the dev kit. I need to get a larger SSD before I can really justify having this on my system. It’s useless putting it on a HDD in my opinion and I only have a 250 gb and 120