Missing "project name" modules

The issue began since i moved to Unreal 4.18

Since then, i began getting this msg at random times upon starting (attached image)

It comes with two annoying issues:

  • Opening visual studio from unreal always ends up not opening the class i choose to open (eventually opens visual studio with any given class), and the “Loading Visual Studio” banner remains in place.
  • At times package build fail with unexpected error, i usally solve this temporaly by opening the Visual studio project directly, cleaning, rebuilding and then the package works. At other times when this does not work i delete the intermediate and saved folders and then it works.

So far tried:

Rebuilding the visual studio files.
Installing visual studio 2017 and selecting it as my preferred option to open source.

I currently have installed in the same machine Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017.

Before the 4.18 update i was able to package or freely open classes at any time.

Any idea?