Missing Portions of Point Cloud

I photographed a local church with my Mavic Air 2. I took a total of 602 images from 4 different heights all the way around. When I align them it doesn’t create a point cloud for the roof or the rear of the building. The roof is a brown metal roof, and the rear is an off white vinyl siding. Not sure why it won’t and looking for any help or suggestions. Thanks! Dave

Hi Dave, were you able to see these parts after alignment? How was your reconstruction region set?

Is this roof shiny or textureless?

Good morning. So I just went ahead and created a model using normal and it filled those areas all in quite nicely. So it seems to be all good now.

My only other question is, when I save it and reopen the model and zoom in it’s no longer a sold mesh. It’s all a dense point cloud. Any thoughts on why this is?


After reopen it should be in a base view as pointcloud. You can change it in Scene 3D/View/Scene Render, where you can choose between Vertices, Solid or Sweet mode.