Missing pictures after migrating? to new forums


I am not sure if people has noticed but a lot of very precious information under form of screenshots/pictures etc has been missing after the migration (has there been a migration?) to the new forums.

I mean its kind of problematic when quite a big percent of the solutions to problems are pictures that are uploaded on the forums and they suddenly are missing. I have so many bookmarks to amazing solutions to problems or techniques or whatever, that have screenshots/pictures and now I cannot understand the solutions because of missing pictures. And this is very bad… it feels a lot like in the beginning 6 years ago, when there was almost zero information to problems etc.

So what is going on and is this going to be fixed? Is it just me who have this problem or?

Of course people noticed. How could they not! So get your feedback in early here below. Now is a good time to push Epic to fix this before AH threads get merged into the forums. :wink:

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Oh, thanks cosmos that people are noticing!

The problem is even worse now. :frowning: Feels kind of like Epic nuked years worth of solutions to questions and problems that were posted as images. Fantastic.