Missing parts in "How to Possess Pawns in Blueprint" tutorial

In the learn tab, its very hard to complete the tutorial because the article has parts where it achieves things without explanation. I can’t remember all of them that I ran into over the past couple of hours but some are:
a)in setting up the mycharacter blueprint it doesn’t tell what type of variables “car” is supposed to be(I guessed it was pawn), nor does it explain how to allow the Sedan blueprint see the variables you added(Car, nearcar)(in the details part i checked editable, expose on spawn)
b)In the Sedan blueprint, when you create the “player” variable, it also does not tell you what type it should be so I have a purple head instead of a blue head which won’t allow me then to connect it to the “Set Actor Transform” node that we are told to create.
c)Also when adding the controls from the 3rd person game you initially create and copying them to the input in the project settings, it doesn’t explain how to leave the car controls intact, especially if there is an overlap(i think there may be one or so)
d)also at the end the set player node will not connect to self saying a problem with an “EQS” test, whatever that is.
So I am now basically stuck around number 21, fudging here and there i can almost complete it, prob with some wrong things, esp at the end with the EQS problem of connecting self to the set player node. This is really frustrating, and of course I feel stupid that I see that spent so much time and am stuck here because simple things were not explained. Any explanations would be helpful. Thanks.

a) Car is the sedan blueprint (object or whatever it is, not class) , on the left panel next to the variable there is a little eye icon, click it to open the eye. this will allow it to be seen by other blueprints.
b) Player should be whatever your player blueprint is (object not class)
c) not sure what you mean
d) should all work when a and b is correct

best of luck

I asked one of the guys to take a look and see if we can get this updated to be more clear. We definitely want everything to be easily followable. Thanks for the feedback.

Hello Malospam,

Thanks for pointing these out. I’ve taken a look at the guide and ran through it to see where the confusion might be coming from. Hopefully I’ve answered your questions below.

If you take a look at step 10, it states to add a WheeledVehicle variable called Car. The type you are adding is of the WheeledVehicle type. I’ve since updated this to make it clearer. As for explaining how to allow the Sedan Blueprint to see the variables we’ve added… that is handled in steps 14 - 17 in the Sedan Blueprint. In step 15, by Casting to MyCharacter, we get a reference to “self” (which is the Sedan Blueprint) and feed that into the variable we’ve created in the MyCharacter Blueprint called Car. Now the Car variable knows what is it supposed to be, the Sedan.

Same goes for this one, in step 11 it states to add a Character variable called Player. The type is Character. By referring to the purple/blue heads (you’ll want the Blue one) which is a Object. The purple one is for the Character Class itself.

I updated the image for this to reflect what the bindings should be for ease. As the current step indicates that you’ll need to refer to what the Input Bindings are for your character in the 3rd Person Project you used to migrate the MyCharacter Blueprint from. Adding the image here as well for ease, set your bindings to this:


Once you create the Player variable in the Sedan Blueprint which is of the Character (Object Reference, not Class) type, you should be able to set it through the steps indicated (I think that was your issue, using the Class instead of an Object Reference).

Hopefully when the documentation is updated, it should be clearer for you and you should be able to get through it. The responses here should also help get you through it, but please let us know if you run into any more issues.



Thanks guys, to both the Unreal Support(Jeff and Wes) and subscribers, I’ll redo the project tonight with this information. Great support so far :slight_smile:

Hello! Great tutorial! i followed the steps and it works but i think i missed out on something…because when i enter the car the character is still visible standing on the floor and then when i exit the the character falls through the floor after jumping.
I’ve been comparing the graphs but i just cant see what i missed. Heeelp!


Oh Never mind! found what i missed! now it works!

But now i got one issue, if i press “E” to exit the vehicle while i’m driving the vehicle wont stop! it will continue driving forever.
Any suggestions?