Missing options in CineCameraRig_Rail details panel

Hi all,

some options have “gone” in the details panel on my CineCamRig_Rail Actor. As you can see, i can’t find Drive Mode Settings…
Actually a lot of settings are missing
Any idea ? (I must have done something wrong…)

best regards,

and the same goes with CineCamera Actor : Look At settings are “gone”

But when i search them with the search bar, they appears :confused:

Have you checked to see if you have any FILTERS set?
Click the GEAR icon - here’s what my filters default to in 5.4 =>

For your CineCamera “Lookat” issue, I see you have the CameraComponent highlighted -
If you select the Top Level “CineCameraActor” you should then see the “LookAt” settings.

Hello John,
I have also the same filters :confused:
Thank you anyway for your answer !

If i select the top level, this is what I get :

if you set your filter to All you should see everything.