Missing OnlineSybsystemsIOS for non IOS game


I am working on a PC and Console game. Nothing with to do with ios at all. Every time I package the game I get a warning that I am missing OnlineSybsystemsIOS.
I activated / deactivated it in the plugin section. Both options did not change anything. Any ideas?

Cheers Pascal

If your project is being developed in C++, check your YourProject.Target.cs file to see if it has the following line:

bBuildAllPlugins = true;

Also, check the project descriptor and add IOS to blacklisted platforms.

If it’s a BP projects, in editor, go to <Edit -> Project Settings -> Supported Platforms> and disable IOS (and generally, whatever else you don’t need).

Hi Vlad,

thanks for your answer. I searched through the whole solution and the part where I found that line was in
UE4Editor which is part of the Engine Source code. I have not checked out the engine coder and never made any changes there. Does this mean the mistake is on epics side?
How do I blacklist IOS in the project descriptor. In the editor ios is not selected as a platform.

Blacklisting: in your game .uproject file, opened as text, you should find something like this, under “Modules”:

"Name": "YourProjectsName",
"Type": "Runtime",
"LoadingPhase": "Default",
"WhitelistPlatforms" : "Win64","Win32","Mac","Linux"]

I’m not sure what the abbreviation for IOS is, but you should add a line that looks like this:

"BlacklistPlatforms": "IOS"]

Make sure each line, except the last, has a coma at the end.

The UE4Editor.Target.cs should work fine as it is. I’ve successfully built the 4.14.3 branch 2 days ago without modifying the source. If you build the engine with the “bBuildAllPlugins=true” line in other configurations than “DevelopmentEditor” (i.e. “DevelopmentClient”), you might get compiling errors. But this isn’t your case if your other UE4Game/Client/Server.Target.cs files are unchanged.

- Proper troubleshooting would be to ask for which configuration are you packaging your game? WindowsClient, WindowsServer etc?
- Then, how are you packaging your game? (There are 3 ways: from the editor / using UnrealFrontend / manually, with commands on a shortcut/batch file)
- Can you please write your exact error, as it is being displayed?

I’d try one of the following:

1 - Cut the “OnlineSubsystemIOS” plugin and use “Generate Visual Studio Project Files” again. I doubt there’s anything else relying on “OnlineSubsystemIOS”. My guess would be the plugin descriptor is there, but something broken.
2 - Delete the “OnlineSubsystemIOS” plugin and manually re-add the source files from Git, for whatever engine version you’re using. Re-generate project files. Next time you package your game, it should automatically build the plugin, if it still somehow thinks it is required.