Missing node?

Hello, i added 2 animations to my character, pickup and button push. Both animations work fine individually but i cant figure out how to make both of them work.
I know something is missing to drive the second animation but i am lost here…
Please take a look at the blueprint screenshots, and tell me what nodes i am missing and what i have wrong. Thanks in advance.

What I can see there is that where you set the “IsPushing?” variable, the cast node is not hooked into the graph, so that value will never change. With that said, you shouldn’t cast twice on there, just cast once and drag off two “get” nodes from the one cast node, one for “IsPushing?” and one for “IsPickingUp?”

Also, just a curiosity, I can see your “get” nodes and where they set the AnimBlueprint variables, but then they also split off screen to somewhere else?. This should not be needed, they should just need to be set once, unless something is going on there off screen, I’m not sure what it could be.