Missing 'New C++ Class' option in Content Browser

Anyone able to tell me why I am missing the ‘New C++ Class’ option when I right click in my Content Browser? This is in a brand new Third person Blueprint project.

Missing New C++ Class

Find your .uproject file, right click and hit “Generate Visual Studio Project Files”. After that, you should be able to create C++ classes.

Thanks but Nope. Not able to “Generate Visual Studio Project Files” unless there is already C++ class. Get another error.
Further digging discovered that under the File menu you can also Create New C++ classes.
Not sure if this was removed from the Content Browser context menu in recent UE versions…

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Noticed the same, not sure if on purpose or by mistake but I think it is removed from right mouse menu since 4.26, because watching tutorials that use 4.25 they are able to create em with right click menu in content browser.

If you have “Show C++ Classes” enabled in the Content Browser view options and then either “Plugin Content” or “Engine Content” the context menu for one of the “* C++ Classes” folders has the option in the “Folder Options” section under “Add/Import Content”. But since there doesn’t seem to be a folder for the project itself this doesn’t work on for a project. Maybe it was removed because as you already mentioned the File menu has this option too.