Missing Math Date Time Nodes - DateTime-DateTime etc

I am missing some Math Nodes for Date Time calculations.
In 4.27 they are still there, see picture, but not in UE5EA.
Anyone know if they are intentional left out?
If yes, how do I calculate now the passed days between two dates?


I tried the Wildcard Substract Node, but its bugged and I reported it.
A Date Time Struct Variable will convert the Pin in a Time Span Pin when you try to connect them. Even if you convert the Pin manually in a Date Time Struct before you try to connect.
You can split the Struct and then connect all Pins, but the resulting Time Span is wrong.

(Took some time to release my first post, so I had some time to try some things out.)

I have encountered this as well. Does anyone know if this is being worked on?

I just looked at the issues tracking and found it:
UE-135466…the note says it is targeted for 5.1

Any update on this for ue5.2? i am trying to subtract 2 dates to get days between them.