Missing material names on .fbx import into 3ds max

When I import .fbx from my Unreal 4 project into 3ds max I get default material names and not the material names that I originally assigned.

List item

  • I am importing into a fresh 3ds max scene
  • When I look at the model in 3ds Max I see textures linked but the material name is ‘Material #01
  • In unreal I see there is the correct name that I applied when I first exported the .fbx.

If I export out again the asset to UE4 I lose materials.

Here is a video of what is happening.

‘Physically-based Render (PBR) materials and the Physical Material type (now default in 3ds Max 2021 and above) are not supported by the Unreal Engine.’

I will be digging into this post. However I am not trying to import materials from max to UE. I just want the materials names I set up to come back into MAX.

The fix for this is setting your materials from PBR to legacy and exporting that version of the scene.

3dS max seems to be getting worse as a product. I have been using it for over 20 years. the last 3-5 years I see more crashes, at some point when modeling I can’t select vertices, etc.