Missing maps when launching to Android

I’m having an issue where when launch my project onto my android device it only builds itself with a single map, being the starting map (cardboardTestRoom1). No other maps are present, I’ve had a look in preferences and can’t find any reason why this would be happening. This is my first time launching to my device with multiple maps as well.

Also when I play the project in Unreal Engine 4 it works fine.

Hang on, finally found some documentation on this.

Launching only supports the current map. If you want all your maps you need to package the game.

I’ll leave this here to help other people with the same issue.

you can type in your game folder Config/DefaultEditor.ini

[AlwaysCookMaps] +Map=/Game/Maps/UsedMapName

ex: [AlwaysCookMaps] +Map=/Game/Maps/Part_01_Lvl_01

note that if your map is not in the Maps/ folder you will have to change the path