Missing linking from Function or Variable pages to Class page in API refrence

I notice for quite some time now that function page in API reference don’t have link to class page that they belong to. But this is not just function pages, but all class sub pages and most of then don’t even have class mentioned or else you look on url, function is fortunate case as class is mentioned as a function namespace. So here some example pages:





From all of them are from AActor, but none of them link back to AActor class page. And this is not just AActor all of those kind of pages lack class linking

This is not a problem if somebody goes from class page to those pages as they can just click back, but if somebody enters those pages from documentation search or google there is no way to go to related class page, other then manually changing url or re-searching the class name which is a bit annoying. And not to mention variable pages even lack information from where the variable belong to or else again somebody gonna look on url, which is a lot bigger problem if somebody just google variable name.

I remember in the past at least function pages had link to class page that function belong to, so this gone missing in one of API reference documentation updates

That’s an interesting issue, Shadowriver. I’ll take a look at that next time I get a chance to upgrade our API generation tool. Thanks for pointing it out!