Missing libraries on Linux (cross-compiled)


I cross compiled my project to run it on Linux (Debian 10.2). This is the server version of the project. The compilation seems to work but when I try to run the server (./GameServer-Linux-Shipping -log) I get the following error :
“error while loading shared libraries: libApexFramework.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”

From my understanding, this concerns a Nvidia library used for physics.

This is pretty clear some libraries are missing, but I have some questions about it :

  • Where can I get this library for my Linux server ? And where should I put those libraries ?
  • Is there a way to include it in my packaged server ?
  • If I don’t use Apex destruction, can I remove this dependency from my project ? How ? Maybe by disabling the plugin ? (I didn’t test this yet)

Any answer will be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile: