Missing Level!

after i bought doors sounds from unreal market and add to project ,i cant find my my map ,
you have to help ,it took me 3 month to work ,cant waste it ,please help me

and i cant find in my unreal project folder ,please helpp me ,i am confused

ayoub12 you should use source control next time, like GIT, Perforce or Subversion on a server that is not your working PC. I personally use github.com for my projects and a Perforce Server with raid at home for my raw art assets.

Any progress can get lost at any time otherwise for thousands of reasons.

Have you checked your Recycle Bin on the Desktop? Maybe you deleted the project by accident or someone else did.

If you really managed to loose all your work from three month, for whatever reason, you’ve just spend three month to learn that source control is important. Sounds bad but that’s how it is =(

After this first shock:

If you find your Project folder and the map is still gone, check the backup folder


There you will find a backup of your map.