Missing L-System docs

Loving UE4 and even more Loving the regular updates and additions, however I cant find anything on L-system in the documentation, It was announced in 4.3 but i cant see any docs or how to use it other than the twitch broadcast.

Any idea where it is?

If I remember rightly they we’re never actually included as part of a release, they were just shown off by Ryan on the stream to show how blueprints can crunch algorithms. At the time they needed polishing up so he said.

Could be wrong, but I’m yet to see an L-System Blueprint anywhere in the actual download?

Thats a shame

They looked awesome and they were over 2 releases ago, i would have thought they would have made it in by now! Is there a git hub version with them?

How do i get them added to the UE4 roadmap so we can get them up-voted?

I would love to see Ryan’s implementation as well :slight_smile:

Oops! That was something Ryan put together as a side project and not meant for official release. That being said I’ll chat with him and see what we can do.

That would be great :slight_smile: I’m already working on my own stuff on the side, but would love to see his implementation!