Missing items?

Any idea when the missing items will be added to the dev kit? I’m working on improving the torches with a light source, but wall torch isn’t in the dev kit. Seams to be quite a few items missing from the dev kit (as in several weeks behind).

Ok, looks like the patch below fixed it.

Even if you don’t keep the epic launcher open, or don’t launch the DevKit from the launcher - like myself - it pays to open it once in while, every two to three weeks as a minimum I believe is a good habit to get into.

I manually update whenever they’re released here on the forums, but every couple of updates or so I’ll download the update again from the launcher so I have the option of verify when things go screwy.

Even though the launcher is at 224.2/3 I doubt I’ll update from it until the next DevKit update, which I think’ll be a 27.x version.


I always use the launcher and verified a few times, but it never would pull that update. Had to manually update to it, but everything seams fine now and released my first mod.