Missing information on listening to Niagara collision events from Blueprint

Hi, I’d like to point out a serious lack of info in the Niagara docs about collisions.

My use case is to make a weapon and I need an enemy to just listen to know if it’s been hit.

There is absolutely no information about how you’re supposed to listen to the collision events from another blueprint. Or rather that it’s not possible.

Export particles data is not a solution in this case as it requires the Blueprint to reference the particle system and only gives you all collision’s positions which you then need to somehow recheck to see if they are colliding, not very efficient especially since those things have already been calculated since the collisions have happened properly.

This is such a common and basic use case, I believe it should say so directly in the documentation and not require a whole day of research to find out it’s not possible.

Especially since Cascade users seem to expect this as it seems like it’s easy to do with it, and for the same reason people coming from Unity will also expect this.

Moreover, I think the docs should clearly say if this is by design or if it’s not implemented yet.
I suppose if it’s in Cascade it would make it over to Niagara but at the same time the documentation says if FPS is too low those collisions are deactivated, meaning you should probably not use that for gameplay mechanics anyways.