Missing import for third party library

I’m having trouble running my plugin


And it’s probably because of this

[2019.01.09-14.46.38:567][  0]LogWindows:   Missing import: avutil-56.dll
[2019.01.09-14.46.38:567][  0]LogWindows:   Missing import: avcodec-58.dll
[2019.01.09-14.46.38:567][  0]LogWindows:   Missing import: avformat-58.dll

I’m loading in third party dll’s and UE4 can’t find them in the directories it searches through. From what I understand I should be able to bypass this problem by telling UE4 not to load the dll’s on start up and then fetch them manually with GetDllHandle. So I added these lines to my Build.cs to tell UE4 not to load the dll’s on start up

string[] dlls = { "avutil-56.dll", "postproc-55.dll", "swresample-3.dll", "swscale-5.dll", "avcodec-58.dll", "avformat-58.dll", "avfilter-7.dll", "avdevice-58.dll" };

foreach (string dll in dlls)

Yet I still get the same “Missing import” issue, any idea why? Have I misunderstood what PublicDelayLoadDLLs does?