Missing GetStaticMesh Function

Hello there,

there’s a little problem here - so i use SetStaticMesh Function and within the Dropdown i can select the “StaticMeshReference” wich works fine.
Now i want to wire something in there … but how? - all casts i tried dont seem to give that “StaticMeshReference” - and there’s no opposite function for SetStaticMesh, wich i would assume to be called “GetStaticMesh”.

anyone an idea what delivers a “StaticMeshReference” ? :slight_smile:

thanks in advance


You need to drag off of something compatible to use ‘Get Static Mesh’, this could be a mesh in your components area, this could be a static mesh component that you created. Alternatively you could uncheck the ‘Context Sensitive’ checkbox, though this would display incompatible results.

ahh thanks Man! - StaticMeshActor -> GetStaticMeshComponent -> GetStaticMesh is the Solution then