Missing functions for PointLight via blueprint.

I want to set a pointlight’s min roughness value via blueprint, but all I can find is “get min roughness” for the variable but no function to set it.
Is there any simple way to set it without start messing around with the source code?

Edit: And I see the same problem with shadows bias, it seems like there are several missing functions.

I want to give users full control on anything in my mapbuilder and I can’t make it happen like this.

Hi Sahkan,

Thank you for your request. I have entered a feature request, UE-21536, to be considered by the development staff.

Thanks! Is there any workaround this for now?

Write a node in C++ that sets/gets the variables you need until they become available. Could do this as a static blueprint library without having to modify the engine.

What does roughness do on a point light? I’ve never heard of that on a light before.

Ok I guess this is what I will do, Thanks.

It changes the way the surface is reacting to the light, don’t know how to explain it really, just put the light near the ground/wall and play with it’s value.