Missing FirstPersonCharacter Blueprint?

Hey, to anyone it may concern.

I recently had a problem where my FirstPersonCharacter Blueprint just… disappeared.

It started when I had package errors, I went to the forums, found the one closest to my problem, and did what it said- Which was to migrate EVERYTHING into a new project, and try again.

Everything migrated successfully except for the Character Blueprint. I figured it just wasn’t completely copied, so I went to the old project and it wasn’t there either.

Obviously without the Character Blueprint, nothing will work right. I’d really appreciate it if someone could get back to me.


Is the BP still stored on your machine when you check the folder?

Yeah, looks like it.

RIGHT-CLICK on the content item in your content browser and click FIX REDIRECTORS… It should go nuts and should pop up. Should…


Yeah, didn’t seem to fix it. I’ll try it again though.

After I migrated everything, the Character Blueprint went missing, and wasn’t in either game. It’s in the old game’s files though, it just isn’t in the project editor. If that makes any sense.

Hmmm… From the old project can you Migrate to the new project? I think I might not be getting the issue, apologies…

Old as in a different version? Did you upgrade the original project to the same version of the Engine that you are copying to?

Yeah, both are version 4.12